XVth Century Historical research

XVth Century Historical research , document, iconography

german pendant cross xvth century

  Germany 1450-1500 V&A Museum – M.303-1912 Jewellery, Rooms 91 to 93, The William and Judith Bollinger Gallery, case 6, shelf C, box 3 Pendant crucifix, silver, silver gilt, with trefoil shaped ends, the sides moulded and pierced with holes…

Italian parade sword 15th century

Italian parade sword 15th century           Late 15th century Italian parade sword, the guard and pommel possibly refitted in the 18th-19th century Measurements: Overall length 112cm The broad blade of sharply tapering form consistent with Oakeshott…

Cinquedea and Scabbard

    Dated circa 1480-1510 Medium: blade of gilt and etched steel, grip of ivory and gilt brass, hardened tooled leather scabbard Measurements: overall length 62.4 cm; blade length 47.6 cm The dagger is embossed on the sides of the…

Great Sallet Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Great Sallet – Grosse Schaller 1490–1500 Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Neue Burg, Collection of Arms and Armour Accession number A 3  

Medieval Engraved Shoe – first 15th century

Medieval Engraved Shoe late 14th century first 15th century London Museum   Pointed leather shoe with engraved and scraped decoration. The surface of the leather has been scraped back to provide a suede-like background to the engraved decoration of leaves.…

medieval shoes archaeological finds Vilnius

1350-1450 medieval shoes archaeological finds in Lower Castle Vilnius            

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