Samurai Archer 28mm – Commission / SOLD

Commission painting. 28mm Samurai archers, feudal japan XVI century.        

SOLD 28mm Roman Repubblican Legion Impetus – For Sale

28mm romani repubblicani imbasettati IMPETUS 6 basette legionari Foundry.(FP). 3 basette velites Foundry (SK). 2 basette arcieri cretesi (SK).  

WW2 Red Devils Artizan British Paratroopers – 28mm

RED DEVILS for sale  sold painted 28mm Artizan English Paratroopers World War 2 , new never used. Ready Painted , 49 pieces. Painting 3 layers , display levels.   4 Squad 1 Command Squad 1 Mortar Squad 1 Vickers Squad…

Work in Progress – 28mm Artizan English Paratroopers

New PAINTING SERVICE in progess , the beautiful 28mm RED DEVIL from ARTIZAN . Example model   This is the first unit ready for basing …

SOLD – 28mm Fallshirmjäger German Paratroopers WW2

This is my first PAINTING SERVICE WORK , a platoon of World War 2 German Paratroopers named Fallshirmjäger . To characterize the unit i’ve used the european uniform with the addition of some equipment details taken from another campaign, for example…