Blackfoot Warband Wargames Foundry

Blackfoot Warband Wargames Foundry  – Eugenio Larosa Today, I would like to discuss Wargames Foundry, a manufacturer known for its evocative miniatures for the Wild West, despite not releasing new pieces in recent times. One of their notable offerings is the…

Old west saloon 28mm miniatures

Old West saloon 28mm miniatures The name chosen for this building is GOLDEN SPURS and is taken from a saloon that really existed in the old far west. For this Old West saloon for 28mm miniatures I used the GRAND…

Old west civilian miniatures

Old west civilian miniatures Some miniatures for my western city MONTALVO. The pieces are 28mm miniatures from Knuckleduster Miniatures. The Banker The Butcher The Judge

Old West miniature 28mm

Old West miniature in 28mm, armed militia, gunslinger, outlaws and cowboys. People for Old West wargame skirmish scenery. 28mm Western Miniature Foundry, Artizan and Dixon Miniatures. Test my rules : FOR A FEW DICE MORE  

Wyatt Brothers miniatures Outlaws

Wyatt Brothers miniatures Outlaws The WYATT Brothers Gang was created for the western regulation FOR A FEW DICE MORE, the gang of WYATT outlaws named after its leader NATHANIEL WYATT and brother JOSHUA famous OKLAOMA outlaws, wanted for a series…