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Free Old West Rules

Strange characters in 28mm wander around on your desk, chewing tobacco and looking wrong at the battalion of the Prussian Guard?
Well maybe it’s time to get them something to do … I want you wake up besieged by Indians while six shot gun armed bandits try to open your piggy bank with dynamite?!

Old West Themed Miniatures Skirmish Wargames
Rules designed and developed by Larosa Eugenio
Testing: Alberto Merendi, Tomas Lippi, Stefano Gardini, Marco De Carlo, Enzo Violante

Free Old West Rules NOW AVAILABLE for FREE 

Version 2.0 some new and revised Rules
Over 19 weapons
7 different types of bands
U.S. Army and Indians
35 different characters
7 new scenarios

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Thanks to Centro Linguistico Cesena for Rules Translation.