Miniatures Painting

My painting miniature world, wargame miniatures painting and conversion by Eugenio Larosa

Orc Warboss reaper miniatures conversion

Orc Warboss Reaper miniatures conversion  77005 Ogre Chieftain. Reaper miniatures Bones Series link  

28mm Waffen SS Medic ww2

28mm Waffen SS Medic ww2 German Army. Warlord Miniatures metal miniature painted with camouflage of the Normandy countryside. Kit Waffen-SS HQ (1943-1945) :  

Samurai and Ronin Black Hat Miniatures

28mm Samurai and Ronin. Miniature Black Hat Miniatures.          

Old West miniature 28mm

Old West miniature in 28mm, armed militia, gunslinger, outlaws and cowboys. People for Old West wargame skirmish scenery. 28mm Western Miniature Foundry, Artizan and Dixon Miniatures. Test my rules : FOR A FEW DICE MORE  

Painting tips Technical Paints Blood for the Blood God

Painting tips Technical Paints Blood for the Blood God   From  thebrushlegion a quick guide how to make bloody details       On YOUTUBE WARHAMMER TV : link In this video, Duncan will demonstrate the amazing new Citadel Technical paint,…